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this afternoon was terrible. @jaredleto #30STM #insider

this afternoon was terrible. @jaredleto #30STM #insider

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WIN: A Copy of Keltie Knight's New Book! →

I’m so happy that my new book, written with Christipher Gutierrez is available now! It’s called “The Imperfections of James and Kate” and it’s an ALMOST true love story. I think you will see many little flashes of me throughout the book.  Anyways, to celebrate, I wanted to give a few authographed copies away to you guys for free. I’m doing a little booknerd giveaway on my INSTAGRAM right now! So head on over and enter. Good Luck!  WIN: A Copy of Keltie Knight's New Book! photo 1

ps. The Imperfections of James and Kate is AVAILABLE NOW at DEADXSTOP.COM! 


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Heartblog: The Blood Moon & Looking Up →

Fact: I usually only get about 5 hours of sleep a night. Last night though, I made Swoon set his alarm so we could go up to the roof and check out the blood moon. In a lunar eclipse, the full moon turns copper color and it passes through the earth’s shadow. It was beautiful. I had never seen a lunar eclipse before, and of course it made me feel incredible inspired and incredibly small. I’m happy I got up to see it though. 
The amount of time we spend looking DOWN at our phones, DOWN at our ipads or DOWN at our feet, is unreal. I literally cannot remember the last time I looked up. There was something so special about looking around the neighbourhood and seeing other people on their roofs, or the streets. Standing together, offering a collective gasp about this life we live, it’s nice to be in wonder sometimes. It’s nice to feel a little humbled and small. We really are beyond lucky to be here and on earth and have this human expirence.  Sometimes, I feel like such a failure. Like, I’m not enough, or doing enough or successful enough. I could work 23 or the 24 hours in the day and still not be accomplishing enough. It’s a terrible feeling. I’m so hard on myself. I love that last night, just for a second, I got to stare up at the sky in wonderment, of what is really out there.  I hope we can all remember, even when the blood moon isn’t around to be in wonder of just how amazing it is that we are here and alive and existing in this magical universe. xx.  ps. follow me on INSTAGRAM  :) :) :)  Heartblog: The Blood Moon Looking Up photo 1


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Vaganova girls

Me everyday growing up.

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Fitting tomorrow for the #acms + having the hardest time choosing between these two dresses. Which do you think? #help

Fitting tomorrow for the #acms + having the hardest time choosing between these two dresses. Which do you think? #help

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I was just thinking about how I am at an age, and at a life where I should actually not have to go through days feeling lost and confused and like I hate myself, but i totally still do. 

why is it so incredibly easy to love someone else, and so incredibly hard to love yourself? 

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Me & Tyler had pretty much the best day at the KCAs

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I let Brandi Cyrus dress me up for Miley Cyrus’s BANGERZ TOUR. It was the most fun ever. check out the video!!!

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